Biodel AG Sequester Soil Amendment with Cyanobacteria

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8 fl oz Jug
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Case (16 x 16 fl oz Jugs)
128 fl oz Jug
Case (4 x 128 fl oz Jugs)


Sequester Soil Amendment is formulated with four strains of Cyanobacteria, nitrogen-fixing, photosynthetic autotrophs, which bring the sun’s energy into the soil biome to drive microbial interactions. It rapidly restores soil function in salt-affected soils to increase crop water use efficiency and nutrient uptake.

Sequester is an essential input for regenerative agriculture, fixing nitrogen and the sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Key Features: 

  • Restores soil health and function to reduce water and fertilizer use
  • Can be applied with current equipment on any crop at any time
  • Uses microbes to restore the natural ecological balance of soil
  • Helps to increase the nutrient content of the crops we consume
  • Sequesters carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere

* always recommends reading the entire product label before use, and following all necessary safety precautions, mixing instructions and proper application methods.


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