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Tempo 1% Dust InsecticideTempo 1% Dust Insecticide
Tempo 1% Dust Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $35.99
Tempo 1% Dust is a ready-to-use dust that contains 1% cyfluthrin and is especially effective against bedbugs and stinging insects.Effective pest control with long residual.Low o...
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Demon WP Water Soluble InsecticideDemon WP Water Soluble Insecticide
Demon WP Water Soluble Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $11.99
Best Seller
Controls over 30 general pests including cockroaches, spiders, & scorpions. For use indoors on on both porous and nonporous surfaces as a crack and crevice application.Offer...
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Tempo SC Ultra InsecticideTempo SC Ultra Insecticide
Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $51.56
Fast broad-spectrum control of 100+ nuisance pests. Offers excellent pest control in and around structures, on residential, commercial or recreation areas of turf & ornament...
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Bifen XTS Insecticide/TermiticideBifen XTS Insecticide/Termiticide
Bifen XTS Insecticide/Termiticide
Sale priceFrom $56.89
Residual control of over 50 insects including termites, ants and surface feeding insects.Offers excellent outdoor perimeter pest control, turf and ornamentals, or pre- and post-...
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Talstar P Professional InsecticideTalstar P Professional Insecticide
Talstar P Professional Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $36.99
Achieves long-lasting control of over 75 pests.Approved in multiple use-sites, indoors and out, in industrial, commercial and food-handling areas.Talstar Professional is water b...
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Advion WDG Insecticide (Water-Dispersible Granules)Advion WDG Insecticide (Water-Dispersible Granules)
Advion WDG Insecticide (Water-Dispersible Granules)
Sale priceFrom $12.00
The MetaActive effect differentiates between target insects and non-target organisms.Its versatility makes it suitable for use in commercial areas, including food-handling estab...
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Demon Max InsecticideDemon Max Insecticide
Demon Max Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $34.89
Broad-Spectrum Control of over 30 insects including beetles, crickets, wasps and termites. Offers excellent indoor and outdoor residual pest control. Cost-effective product with...
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Cyzmic CS InsecticideCyzmic CS Insecticide
Cyzmic CS Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $35.99
Controls tough pests like darkling beetles, ticks, flies, fleas, scorpions, bed bugs, and many more.Can be used indoors for food handling areas, and outdoor perimeters on turf, ...
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Dominion 2L Insecticide/TermiticideDominion 2L Insecticide/Termiticide
Dominion 2L Insecticide/Termiticide
Sale priceFrom $47.99
Controls wood infesting pests including Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Asiatic Garden Beetles, etc. Offer excellent outdoors and indoor pest control . One o...
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PT 221L Pressurized InsecticidePT 221L Pressurized Insecticide
PT 221L Pressurized Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $20.99
Controls crawling insects, pantry pests, termites, and other wood-destroying insects.For use indoors and outdoors Low odor...
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Demand CS InsecticideDemand CS Insecticide
Demand CS Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $16.99
Controls more than 30 common insects.Offers excellent indoor and outdoor pest control.Provides outstanding fast knockdown and residual pest control for up to 90 days
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Suspend Polyzone InsecticideSuspend Polyzone Insecticide
Suspend Polyzone Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $56.39
Long-lasting residual formulation controls common pests like roaches, flies, ants and more even in warm, wet, greasy environments.Polymer layer ensures more active ingredient re...
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D-Fense NXT InsecticideD-Fense NXT Insecticide
D-Fense NXT Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $22.99
Control bedbugs and insects such as ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, wasps, and more.Offers excellent indoor and outdoor pest control.Ca...
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PT Phantom II InsecticidePT Phantom II Insecticide
PT Phantom II Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $31.99
Provides excellent crack and crevice treatment for cockroach control. Uses a unique active ingredient (a.i.), emamectin benzoate, which is highly effective. Indoor and...
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Fuse Foam Termiticide/InsecticideFuse Foam Termiticide/Insecticide
Fuse Foam Termiticide/Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $29.99
Convenient, Ready-to-Use foam that includes flip-up actuator that allows the applicator to use one hand making it easier to apply.Fuse Foam's expansion rate of 30:1 reaches into...
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Cyonara 9.7 InsecticideCyonara 9.7 Insecticide
Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $37.89
Controls over 30 general pests.Offer excellent outdoors and indoor pest control.Sigma Technology makes it safer to use, and at the same time offers long-lasting residual effects...
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Wisdom TC Flowable InsecticideWisdom TC Flowable Insecticide
Wisdom TC Flowable Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $32.99
Effective against termites and other structural pests.Provides broad-spectrum control of ornamental and turfgrass pests.Compatible for tank-mixing with other pesticides and grow...
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LambdaStar UltraCap InsecticideLambdaStar UltraCap Insecticide
LambdaStar UltraCap Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $41.99
Delivers both fast knockdown and long residual protection on a wide variety of pests, including spiders and scorpions.Superior microencapsulation for extended residual protectio...
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Scion InsecticideScion Insecticide
Scion Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $13.99
Works in high temperatures.Provides excellent performance of 90 days with its multi-component formulation.Formulated with the active ingredient, Gamma Cyhalothrin......
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Nibor-D Insecticide DustNibor-D Insecticide Dust
Nibor-D Insecticide Dust
Sale priceFrom $43.89
Broad spectrum insecticide and fungicide.Apply in insecticide dust, foam or liquid form, including in a mop solution.No known resistance...
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Bifen I/T Insecticide TermiticideBifen I/T Insecticide Termiticide
Bifen I/T Insecticide Termiticide
Sale priceFrom $20.99
Professional strength insecticide/termiticide for over 30 common pests like ants, termites, wasps and more. Offers excellent pest control indoors/outdoors on residential, i...
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Martin's Viper Insecticide ConcentrateMartin's Viper Insecticide Concentrate
Martin's Viper Insecticide Concentrate
Sale priceFrom $11.99
Provides fast knockdown and residual control of roaches, bees, ants, spiders, scorpions, flies, fleas and ticks, chiggers and other listed pests. Excellent all-around spray...
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D-Fense SC InsecticideD-Fense SC Insecticide
D-Fense SC Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $54.99
Controls ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, silverfish, spiders and many other listed pests.Intended for use by pest control operators and/or commercial applicators for r...
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