Hi-Yield Bone BloodMeal 6-7-0 - Plant Nutrients


Size: 3 lb bag
Sale price$20.89


Hi-Yield Bone & Blood Meal 6-7-0 is specially formulated to provide nutrients to plants, and contains a mixture of Phosphate and natural Nitrogen, providing the right amount of nutrients needed by plants.

This product features long-lasting effect because it slowly releases the nutrients to plants over time. It is ideal to use on vegetables, shrubs, and flowers such as roses, mums, azaleas, tulip, crocus, geraniums, daffodil, and pansies. Safe to use and gentle to plants, making it perfect for gardening purposes. 

Key Features::

  • Provides a excellent combination of natural Nitrogen and Phosphate.
  • Plant growth supplement is perfect for all flowers, ornamentals, shrubs and vegetables.
  • Gentle on plants. Perfect for delicate roses and other flowers.
  • This 6-7-0 Fertilizer contains 6% Nitrogen and 7% Phosphate and comes in a 3 lb. bag.
  • Contains slow release Nitrogen for continual feeding and to reduce nitrogen burn.

*HomeandGardenSupply.com always recommends reading the entire product label before use, and following all necessary safety precautions, mixing instructions and proper application methods.


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