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Talstar P Professional InsecticideTalstar P Professional Insecticide
Talstar P Professional Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $36.99
Achieves long-lasting control of over 75 pests.Approved in multiple use-sites, indoors and out, in industrial, commercial and food-handling areas.Talstar Professional is water b...
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PT Cy-Kick CS Pressurized InsecticidePT Cy-Kick CS Pressurized Insecticide
PT Cy-Kick CS Pressurized Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $26.99
Offers pest control for over 30+ common pests. Provides excellent pest control for sensitive accounts.Ready to use - no mixing or equipment required...
Pyganic Gardening Organic Pest Control by MGK- OMRI ListedPyganic Gardening Organic Pest Control by MGK- OMRI Listed
Pyganic Gardening Organic Pest Control by MGK- OMRI Listed
Sale priceFrom $30.99
Provides rapid knockdown and kill of over 100 listed garden pests. Offers residential gardeners excellent pest control for outdoor use only. OMRI Listed...
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Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator
Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator
Sale price$156.89
Keeps plants uniformly compact and strong.Can be used on a wide variety of bedding plants, bulb crops, annual and perennial plants, herbaceous and woody ornamentals...
Avid 0.15  Miticide InsecticideAvid 0.15  Miticide Insecticide
Avid 0.15 Miticide Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $98.99
Proven standard in mite and leaf miner control. Provides excellent pest control for shadehouses, greenhouses and field grown ornamentals. Offers long-lasting activity against da...
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Cyzmic CS InsecticideCyzmic CS Insecticide
Cyzmic CS Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $35.99
Controls tough pests like darkling beetles, ticks, flies, fleas, scorpions, bed bugs, and many more.Can be used indoors for food handling areas, and outdoor perimeters on turf, ...
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Marathon 1% Granular InsecticideMarathon 1% Granular Insecticide
Marathon 1% Granular Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $84.98
Up to 12 weeks systemic activity.Quick knockdown as a spray.Highly translaminar as a spray....
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Pyrethrum TR Total Release InsecticidePyrethrum TR Total Release Insecticide
Pyrethrum TR Total Release Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $28.99
Effectively control a wide variety of greenhouse insects. Requires no expensive fogging equipment to maintain or repair. Labeled for use in garden centers, greenhouses and nurse...
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Demand CS InsecticideDemand CS Insecticide
Demand CS Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $16.99
Controls more than 30 common insects.Offers excellent indoor and outdoor pest control.Provides outstanding fast knockdown and residual pest control for up to 90 days
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Sensor Yellow Sticky Cards For Monitoring Plant Iinsects by BASF
Sensor Yellow Sticky Cards For Monitoring Plant Iinsects by BASF
Sale priceFrom $15.99
Offers growers the best way to eliminate guesswork and evaluate if insect control programs are working.Featuring superior, Posi-Trap glueNon-sticky edges for easier handling. 
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Acelepryn  Insecticide   Foliar Systemic Control
Acelepryn Insecticide Foliar Systemic Control
Sale price$117.99
Offers season-long control of grubs and turf caterpillars with a single application.Effective as well  key pests like adult beetles and foliar-feeding caterpillars on lands...
Insecticidal Soap ConcentrateInsecticidal Soap Concentrate
Insecticidal Soap Concentrate
Sale priceFrom $20.99
Specially-formulated pesticidal soap to protect plants.Fast acting contact killer for both insect and mite pests.For use in homes, gardens, and greenhouses.....
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Flagship 25WG Insecticide
Flagship 25WG Insecticide
Sale price$117.89
Patented Thiamethoxam Vigor Effect.Low use rate with extended control.New higher use rate for extended residual and an expanded list of controlled pests...
SNS 209 Systemic Pest ControlSNS 209 Systemic Pest Control
SNS 209 Systemic Pest Control
Sale priceFrom $24.00
Provides a barrier for plants to protect them against damaging insects.Made of 100% pure botanical extracts.Will NOT harm delicate new growth, clones or cuttings.....
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EcoVia EC Emulsifiable Concentrate InsecticideEcoVia EC Emulsifiable Concentrate Insecticide
EcoVia EC Emulsifiable Concentrate Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $40.99
Broad-spectrum, botanically derived insecticide controls over 30 common pests including Mosquito and Tick Applications.Provides excellent pest control for indoors, outdoors and ...
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Trinity TR Total Release FungicideTrinity TR Total Release Fungicide
Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide
Sale priceFrom $35.99
Trinity TR total release fungicide provides broad spectrum control of several key diseases such as: Alternaria spp., Botrytis spp., Cylindrocladium spp., Fusarium spp., and Myro...
Snail & Slug BaitSnail & Slug Bait
Snail & Slug Bait
Sale priceFrom $19.99
Snail and Slug Bait by Southern Ag does not require watering in to soil.Long lasting, all weather formula lasts up to 3-4 weeks.A 1 lb bottle of Snail and Slug Bait will cover u...
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SNS DC Disease & Fungal Control Ready-To-UseSNS DC Disease & Fungal Control Ready-To-Use
SNS DC Disease & Fungal Control Ready-To-Use
Sale priceFrom $21.99
Protects plants against damaging microbes.Displaces salts and sequesters metals that the microbes depend on to colonize.A safer solution to your disease and fungal concerns when...
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EcoVia WD Wettable DustEcoVia WD Wettable Dust
EcoVia WD Wettable Dust
Sale priceFrom $25.99
Broad-Spectrum botanical insecticide that can be used as a dust or wettable powder.Controls over 75 insect pests in and around structures, on turf, shrubs and trees.As a Green Z...
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Beethoven TR Total Release Miticide/InsecticideBeethoven TR Total Release Miticide/Insecticide
Beethoven TR Total Release Miticide/Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $27.99 Regular price$30.99
Provides control of mites, including the two-spotted spider mite, and suppresses whiteflies.Offers quick and easy application. Excellent plant safety and flexible re-entry times...
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Essentria Mosquito & Tick ConcentrateEssentria Mosquito & Tick Concentrate
Essentria Mosquito & Tick Concentrate
Sale priceFrom $42.99
Botanically derived ingredients in a water-based formulation.Eco-friendly pest control formulated with essential plant oils.Low odor, pleasant fragrance...
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Orthene WSP Insecticide for Turf, Trees, and OrnamentalsOrthene WSP Insecticide for Turf, Trees, and Ornamentals
Orthene WSP Insecticide for Turf, Trees, and Ornamentals
Sale priceFrom $28.99
Orthene kills on contact.Water-soluble formulation.Effective against a variety of insects....
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Conserve SC Insecticide
Conserve SC Insecticide
Sale price$158.99
Highly active at low use rates.Target pests exhibit symptoms within minutes of exposureCauses less impact on certain predatory beneficial insects than many other synthetic contr...
Floramite SC Ornamental MiticideFloramite SC Ornamental Miticide
Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide
Sale priceFrom $140.99
Quick knockdown.Residual control up to three weeks.Effective on a variety of mites.
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