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Tempo 1% Dust InsecticideTempo 1% Dust Insecticide
Tempo 1% Dust Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $35.99
Tempo 1% Dust is a ready-to-use dust that contains 1% cyfluthrin and is especially effective against bedbugs and stinging insects.Effective pest control with long residual.Low o...
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Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait GelMaxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel
Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel
Sale priceFrom $13.49
Most effective roach bait available with same-day results.Offers an effective residual of up to 1 year or until the bait is completely consumed.Low toxicity to non-target animal...
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Tempo SC Ultra InsecticideTempo SC Ultra Insecticide
Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $51.56
Fast broad-spectrum control of 100+ nuisance pests. Offers excellent pest control in and around structures, on residential, commercial or recreation areas of turf & ornament...
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Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel BaitMaxforce Fleet Ant Gel Bait
Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel Bait
Sale priceFrom $46.99
Offers fast, effective ant control, indoors and out.Provides crack and crevice treatment and spot treatment.New, thicker formula stands up even on vertical applications...
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Delta Dust InsecticideDelta Dust Insecticide
Delta Dust Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $27.49
Long term residual dust that kills crawling and flying insects.Provides excellent pest control for cracks and crevices indoors and outdoors.Treats for up to 8 months...
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Suspend SC InsecticideSuspend SC Insecticide
Suspend SC Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $42.85
Advanced-generation concentrate pyrethroid for general insect control.Flexible label that allows application on mattresses, box springs, carpet and upholstery, as well as in foo...
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Temprid FX InsecticideTemprid FX Insecticide
Temprid FX Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $12.99
Powerful, broad-spectrum insecticide that controls over 50 pests.Can be applied indoors and outdoors, including foliar applications on non-blooming plants.Easy answer for hard-t...
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Roundup ProMax Post-Emergent HerbicideRoundup ProMax Post-Emergent Herbicide
Roundup ProMax Post-Emergent Herbicide
Sale priceFrom $134.89
Kills weeds without killing your lawn.Post-emergent Herbicide with systemic action.Helps in suppression of broadleaf weeds...
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Maxforce Complete Granular Insect BaitMaxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait
Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait
Sale priceFrom $22.99
Treats a wide variety of crawling insect pests such as ants, silverfish and roaches.Provides excellent pest control for Commercial & Residential - Indoors & Outdoors: La...
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Maxforce FC Select Roach Bait GelMaxforce FC Select Roach Bait Gel
Maxforce FC Select Roach Bait Gel
Sale priceFrom $48.99
Maintain cockroach-free conditions by baiting in harborages where roach activity may be introduced.Labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, including commercial kitchens.Works e...
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Suspend Polyzone InsecticideSuspend Polyzone Insecticide
Suspend Polyzone Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $56.39
Long-lasting residual formulation controls common pests like roaches, flies, ants and more even in warm, wet, greasy environments.Polymer layer ensures more active ingredient re...
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Maxforce FC Roach Killer Small Bait StationsMaxforce FC Roach Killer Small Bait Stations
Maxforce FC Roach Killer Small Bait Stations
Sale priceFrom $61.99
The low-impact, child-resistant, easy-to-inspect design allows you to monitor bait consumption and replace stations when necessary.Starts killing roaches in hours by contact or ...
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Maxforce Impact Roach Gel BaitMaxforce Impact Roach Gel Bait
Maxforce Impact Roach Gel Bait
Sale priceFrom $47.99
Contains more complex carbohydrates; not reliant on simple sugars that select for aversion.BlueBead technology with proprietary feeding stimulant assures excellent bait acceptan...
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Maxforce FC Ant Bait StationsMaxforce FC Ant Bait Stations
Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations
Sale priceFrom $36.99
Offers effective pest control for common household ants.Provides long lasting control for up to a year.Odorless and child-resistant design... 
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Maxforce Fly Spot BaitMaxforce Fly Spot Bait
Maxforce Fly Spot Bait
Sale priceFrom $11.99
Provides an unobtrusive way to control house flies both indoors and outdoors.Powerful attractants and the active ingredient imidacloprid kills flies in 60 seconds or less.Long r...
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Tempo Ultra WP InsecticideTempo Ultra WP Insecticide
Tempo Ultra WP Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $101.99
Tempo WSP is used for killing a broad-spectrum of pests.It is a general purpose spray on both indoor and outdoor applications.One 420 gram tub provides approx. 21-42 gal......
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Premise Foam Termiticide/InsecticidePremise Foam Termiticide/Insecticide
Premise Foam Termiticide/Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $23.89
The original non-repellent termiticide available in a portable instant foam.Expands at a 30:1 ratio to thoroughly cover hard-to-reach areas such as inside termite galleries, wal...
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